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    This video will explain How to make Veggie Burger. The term Veggie burgers was cited in the year 1969 by Gregory Sams. Veggie Burger is simply Delicious Crunchy can be done at home at ease. The burgers are stuffed with mix vegetable patties, spiced mayonnaise dressing, tomatoes, lettuce and onion slices. Here are the simple steps for making Veggie Burger ------------------------------------------------------------------ Step 1: Making of Patties ------------------------------------------------------------------ Rinse and steam cook potatoes, carrot and french beans (you can add any vegetables you like). Peel off skins and chop into pieces. Slice onions into small pieces. In a pan add Oil, when heated add the diced onions and stir until they turn colour. Then add Salt, Chilli Powder, Garam Masala and Pepper. Now add diced vegetables mix well. To get good consistency add bread slices or bread crumbs. Mix well once done using a crusher crush all the veggies into paste. Take a small lump of mix and make that into shape of patty. Set aside and freeze them if required. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Step 2: Making Batter for Patties ------------------------------------------------------------------ In a bowl add Corn Flour, Gram Flour salt as required. Now stir slowly adding water to the flour mix without making lumps and without any bubbles. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Step 3: Pan Fry the patties ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dip the patties made in the batter, spread the batter evenly on patty. Now coat the patty with bread crumbs on all sides. Heat the pan, add oil and fry the patty till it changes to golden brown colour. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Step 4: Making Burger ------------------------------------------------------------------ Take Burger Buns and Roast them for crunchiness. On top of lower bun add sauce of your choice. Now place the patty. Top it with cheese layer and add tomato Slices, onions and lettuce layer by layer. Now place the upper part of bun. Serve the Burgers with Sauces and Potato Chips... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: For better experience please view in HD quality Created by: Sai Bhargav Gudimella Sravan Patsa Here is our recipe to prepare Delicious Gulab Jamun Here is our recipe to prepare Veg Hakka Noodles, Corn Soupy Noodles Here is our recipe to prepare Delicious Jalebi

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